Drunk Lullaby

Those drips of burning alcohol,
I took it without hesitation.
Five, six, seven, then I lost count.
My system digests it too well.
I wanted to get drunk.
So it might just be easier for me to dream of you again.

I didn’t.
I was vast asleep, only briefly.

No dreams.
No you.

I wanted to see you.
But I woke up in this ungodly hour,
As my playlist was finished.

No dreams.
No you.

I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t.
But I can only hurt.
It’s fucking 4:44 am.

No dreams.
No you.

Just the darkness enveloping myself.
No more alcohol to knock myself out again.
What am I supposed to do to see you again?

I changed positions hesitantly,
Counting endless numbers,
Listening to my lullaby, my ritual to fall asleep,
Yet, I could only see black.

No dreams.
No you.

I wanted to cry, but it wouldn’t fall.
I felt like I would take the fall.
Just in case I could probably see you again.

Do I have to jump?
Do I have to hit the concrete pavement to feel your breath on my neck again?

Drunk Lullaby

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