Teach Me How to Love

Love is unexplainable, yet everyone insists that it exists.

Love is untouchable, yet people say it is real.

I’m not talking about a mother’s eternal love for her child,

I’m talking about the bond between two human beings as partners.

I don’t know how it feels, as simple as that.

I need someone to appear in my life to show me that it is real.

Love makes you all giggly and happy, yet it tears your heart and soul apart at the same time.

…or so they say.

Why would anyone sacrifice themselves for such complex feelings?

Love is different from friendship.

…why do they differ?

Friendship is something that lasts forever, it’s something beautiful.

It makes you all giggly and happy, yet it does not tear your heart and soul apart at the same time.

Why would people choose love over friendship?

Why aren’t people in love with their friends?

Love is foreign for my logic.

And until the day someone can prove me otherwise, I still can’t accept this.

With my logic, I’m a fool who can’t understand love.

I’m no better than those fools in love.

I’m no less than those who understand love.

I have a brain that I know how to use properly,

I have a heart, yet I don’t know how to utilise it.

I’ve been looking for someone to help me understand love.

I found none.

If you would help me, that would be much appreciated, my friend.

I know that once I understand love,

I will never let it go.

So teach me how to love,

and I will forever be yours.


Teach Me How to Love

6 thoughts on “Teach Me How to Love

  1. This literally made me cry as I was reading it. I feel the same way, you have portrayed an emotion so complex in such a poetic yet clear/direct way. I simply “loved” these thoughts on love.

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