It’s not language that helps you to understand…
it’s understanding.
Understanding is a concept that goes beyond language.
You can converse in the same mother tongue, but you never understand each other.
You can both converse in a second language, yet you can understand each other perfectly.

Those sweet gazes and stares,
those shy smiles,
those frequent nods and giggles,
but I know in our minds, we understand each other.

With some people, even though you’re using the same mother tongue, you just don’t understand.
Because our minds are not the same.
It’s not even about similarities.
Some people can be so similar, yet so distant.
Some people can be so different, yet so close.
Some people have the right amount of understanding, words aren’t needed anymore.

Understanding is what bonds people together.
Because how can you bond with someone you can’t understand?
It’s not about merely accepting.
Understanding involves a lot of process beyond accepting.
And if you can’t understand everyone, it’s completely fine.
No one can understand everyone, and it’s okay.

Some people are more understanding than most.
Most people pretend they understand when they’re not.
You can tell who are the genuine ones, and be grateful for them.
Everyone can be understood by someone.
Including you!

No matter how weird or awkward you think you are.
No matter how you feel like an outsider.
Someone understands you. Someone who really does.
And the deal is, you don’t even have to try to make everyone understand!
When they understand, they just do.
No matter how complicated you think you are.
No matter how you feel like the odd one out.

So, do you understand me? Because I understand you.


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