My Hairevolution

Since I have nothing much to do today (and I actually woke up at 2.30 pm…awesome!) I just want to share a story about my hair. Yes, my hairevolution.

So as you can obviously see, I have red hair. It’s actually short at the moment, in some of photos I was wearing my extensions. Obviously, this is not my natural hair colour, sorry to break it down for you. I wish it was. I’ve only had red hair since mid 2011 when I just moved to Brisbane, but it feels like I’ve had it forever.

Like any normal Indonesians, or even Asians in general, I had black hair. A hair colour that I felt just was not for me somehow. I couldn’t dye my hair at all, because all Indonesians have black hair, if you dye it brown, the teachers in school would notice immediately and suspend you for colouring your hair. Especially since I went to a Catholic, all-girl school for 6 years from middle school to high school. It was a very strict school, but I had my best memories from those years.

Anyways, everyone knew me as “the girl with the extremely long hair” because my hair reached up my thighs. I had never cut it short because I felt safe with it. I love it when people come to me and say “you have such beautiful long hair, how do you take care of it?”. The most extreme thing that I did was cutting my fringe (or bangs) when I was 16, and straighten my hair because my hair is naturally wavy. 

It reached up to a point where my hair has not been cut for 18 years. It actually looked like this:




These were old photos, by the way. They were taken in 2009 for my yearbook, and as you can see on the first picture I was basically sitting on my hair. It was quite a hassle, I would tie up my hair in a bun almost every time. All of my friends would easily recognise me from the hair, it was pretty fun actually.

One day in around October or November 2010, I woke up and thought, “hey, let’s chop off this hair!!” and called my favourite hairdresser who had known me since I was 8 years old. I told her to come to my house because I want to get a haircut, but she thought it would be my usual hair trim, she didn’t see it coming. When she got to my house, I told her that I want to cut it real short. I swear to God she almost cried. She kept asking me if I was serious about it, or if I want to cut it to waist-length only, but I insisted that I want it cut short. 

It took her a while to let the situation sink in, probably around half an hour. When she finally collected herself, she braced herself and cut my hair. This is the last photo of my long hair (may you rest in peace, lol)



…and she chopped it off! The end result kind of looked like this after a while:



and that was the time when I was experiencing with hair colours. As soon as I chopped off my hair, I just dyed it different colours, this was one of my successful ones, I actually had my hair orange for a while…sad I don’t have the decent photos to show how orange it was in real life. Anyways, I discovered my obsession with red hair, and my journey began…

I tried some failed red dyes that made my hair look dark red instead of the bright red I was looking for…



I switched brands and voila! It got to the red that I have right now, without any bleach 🙂 I love my red hair and I’m not going back to black for a while, probably in a few years. If anyone is interested in knowing the name of the brand, just contact me or comment below.

My hair is still short, but I kind of want to grow it out a little, maybe. I don’t know, we’ll see. Thanks for reading this massive post, by the way. It’s not important, nor it will change anyone’s lives, I just want to share my story. 




My Hairevolution

3 thoughts on “My Hairevolution

  1. Ahahaha….I can’t really remember when was it exactly, but I somehow recall my shock the first time I saw you let down your super-long hair…I did not know that your hair was that long at that time, since we had to tie up our hair at school…you were officially the first person in my life whom I saw right in front of my eyes with such long hair…ahahaha…

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