My Dreams Saga #2: Choi Siwon was My Husband

I have no idea why I kept having dreams about relationships, but this one is hilarious because it kind of follows my epic photo with Choi Siwon. Image

If you have no idea who he is, he’s one of the members of Super Junior (the K-pop group). I took this photo quite a while ago out of boredom and creativity sparks. Anyways, in my (relatively short but epic) dreams last night, he was my husband. The dream mostly involved normal marriage life during the beginning…and then it changed into Freaky Friday sort of thing.

Yes, in my dreams, because we had a fight, Siwon and I switched bodies (involuntarily, of course). So in the middle part towards the end of the dream, I was in Siwon’s body, and he was in mine. It was an indescribable feeling, but I liked it. He panicked more than I did, I actually quite enjoyed the time I spent in his body, being handsome and rugged and all that. Apparently he didn’t enjoy having boobs. 

Then the journey continued to “trying to get back into our own bodies”. He literally asked everyone how to get back to his own body, until this powerful witch came along and brought us back to normal. Bummer. Then I woke up.

My Dreams Saga #2: Choi Siwon was My Husband


“The enjoyment of what appears to be painful or tiresome.”

Why do people reject the idea of being a masochist?
We hurt ourselves unintentionally to feel better about ourselves.
Everyone is unconsciously being a masochist.
In this case, especially females.

All the things we do for beauty.

We put eyeliner on our eyes,
we curl our lashes,
we put contact lenses in our eyes,
we rip/shave/wax our facial and body hair – which grow on certain parts for a reason, by the way,
we cover all our facial imperfections, and contour it again,
we curl and straighten our hair,
we spend time to “look natural”.

Nothing wrong with this, but, it sounds like an act of masochism for me.

All the things we do for good physique.

We diet,
we blame ourselves when we eat too much,
we ignore those sweet cravings,
we feel bad and punish ourselves when we eat something we shouldn’t,
we spend hours and hours in the gym,
we ignore the aching and screaming muscles, but
we never get satisfied with our looks.

Nothing wrong with this, but, it sounds like an act of masochism for me.

All the things we do for love.

We learn how to cook or bake – and some other “accidents” and “failures” in the process,
we push ourselves to be a better person,
we sacrifice the things we love to be with that person,
we worry if this love will be returned, or at least be worth it,
we separate from our friends just to be with that person,
we cry and hurt just to be able to feel the love.

Nothing wrong with this, but, seriously, doesn’t it sound like an act of masochism?


Disclaimer: Before anyone thinks and comments that these don’t apply to them, this is just a general idea that popped in my mind when I was talking to some of my friends. Some of these don’t apply to my situation as well.