My Dearest KDR Family

I took small steps towards this massive studio with wooden floors,
slightly running out of breath from running up the flight of stairs,
alone and slightly intimidated, but eager and determined,
I walked in to this new world I have never been before.

Bright, cheerful K-pop beats blasted from behind that white door,
Should I walk in? Should I walk away?
I’ve put in the effort to come, so I walked in.
All these new faces I could not recognise, greeted with warmth.

A petite girl, with long hair and wears glasses, greeted me first.
She knew I was nervous, I could tell. Without her greetings, I probably wouldn’t’ve came to class again.
With such a bright smile, she welcomed me and introduced herself, her name was Eva.
Knowing her real age was the most shocking moment I’ve ever had in my life.

I looked to the other side of the room, the dance teacher was very energetic.
He seemed like he was a fully charged alkaline battery.
His name was John, and I thought he was Indonesian, too. Or maybe that we were related somehow.
He is now one of my best friends, my twinsie, to be exact.

As I paid the class fee, another girl with a friendly smile greeted me.
She had a beautiful silky long hair and a charming smile.
I remember when I saw her dancing for the first time, I thought she was an amazing dancer.
She was the first member I got very close with.

I remember seeing a lot of people, but I remember three guys and one girl in particular.
Deric, Rashaun, Jake, and Theresa.

They all seemed really close and they were also really loud, mostly Theresa though, with a lot of teasing from Rashaun and Jake.
They may seem intimidating at first, but they asked me if I enjoyed the class, so I thought they were really friendly, too.

Compared to everyone else, I wasn’t that knowledgeable in K-pop, so I felt intimidated.
I kept coming to class because of these people.
They are all very different from each other, but they were connected through the same interests.
I felt like I want to be a part of their world. To be a part of them.

Going to dance classes felt like the highlight of the week.
It became something I really look forward to. It became a part of my routine.
The more time I spent with these guys, the more I enjoyed their company.
We even started to hang out together outside of classes and got chances to perform in public.

Somewhere along the journey, I got to meet some more amazing people.
JD, Gisselle, Liv, Laura, and EK.
They are unique in their own ways, and when one of them didn’t show up to class, it felt different.

JD who is very knowledgeable in games and is a wonderful dancer,

Gisselle, Liv, and Laura who are quiet but when talking about their favourite idols they would have a very bright spark in their eyes,

and the doll-like EK who is just one of the funniest and the most adorable persons I’ve ever known in my life.

The more we travelled along this journey together, the more I got to know about everyone.
Deric, who is always calm and collected, yet he always knows how to react in every situations. Did I mention that he is also very sneaky? He is the calm troll.

Eva, who is the oldest between us, yet she is very young-spirited and very loveable. Did I mention that she has a very sexy look on her face when she’s dancing?
Janis, who is usually calm, yet when she laughs she doesn’t stop until she cries and she needs a box of tissues. Did I mention that she is also an amazing actress with a hint of 4-D awesomeness?
Theresa, who is very loud, yet you know when you come to her with your problems, she will try her best to help you out. Did I mention that she is also an amazing stylist?

Rashaun, who is also very loud, yet he is very critical about things and always point out things that the rest of us might fail to see. Did I mention that he freestyles really well?

John, who is very professional and takes his dance teaching career seriously, yet he is an incredibly funny person and has the best laugh I’ve ever heard. Did I mention that he is only 22 years old?

Besides them, later on I met one more person that I never thought would end up being my best friend.
She joined us the latest, yet she managed to capture everyone’s hearts because she is that loveable.
She’s not just an amazing dancer and photographer, but also an amazing friend.
Her name is Erin.

Erin, you are one of the greatest friends I’ve ever known and I love you for it.
I can’t even say how amazing you really are.
You. Are. Im. Pres. Sive. 😉

Together, we’ve been through many ups and downs.
I think I actually got a lot of abs exercise from all of our KDHD moments.
Especially the day we decided to prank John on his birthday.
Never did I thought that I would get a surprise party in return.

Earlier today, these guys prepared a surprise party for me before I leave.
I did not understand what the surprise was until I saw the whiteboard and the decorated wall.
So, I’m sorry if my reaction wasn’t as great as you guys expected!
I have been fasting all day and my brain could not process things fast.

I couldn’t handle 3 Leos and 2 Florals!!!

Still, I appreciate what you guys did, it was really sweet as I’ve never had that before.
As I’m typing this and trying to remember what happened today, I could feel my tears coming up while I smile.
I promised myself not to cry, because this won’t be the end.
And even though I’m leaving on Monday, I will come back soon. For good.

I have spent about one year with them, and I intend to spend a lot more in the future.
As we had moved studios twice, our relationship grew deeper.
We no longer dance in the same studio we all first met, but we are still friends because we love it.
We dance together, we laugh together.

I really think of you guys as my family.
Thank you for everything.
I’ll see you guys again soon 🙂

My Dearest KDR Family

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