I’ve been slacking off…

I deserved to be punched in the face for slacking off on this blog. ;___; I’ve recorded (and edited) a video to catch up about everything I haven’t told you guys for the past few months…yet I haven’t uploaded it onto YouTube. I will. Soon. It’s going to be a long video, too. 

TL;DR, I’m back in Indonesia for a while (just got back last week). I’m still waiting for any news about the Masters degree, fingers crossed I’ll get it so I can go back and stay in Brisbane. And VIXX is ruining my life and I can’t focus on anything that is not VIXX-related right now. 

Just thought I’d let you know that. I’m still alive. I promise to post up the super long video by the end of this week. 

I’ve been slacking off…

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