Dreams, Dreams, Dreams.

I know how it feels to be living in your dream. 

Not the one where you feel like your dreams came true,

but literally you are living and breathing inside your dream.

You hate waking up because you wake up in a foreign place.

You can’t wait to fall asleep and drift into your dreams, every single night. 


Because in your dreams, he’s there. Smiling at you. Holding your hand. 

Just the two of you holding a seemingly endless conversation with an endless stash of hazelnut latte in your hands.

You can do whatever you both want. 

No rules, no restrictions, no judgments. No one else but you two.

He glides the palm of his hand against your cheek as he softly says, “I love you,”

You smiled at him, but as you were about to reply to his words, you woke up.

Alone in your bed.

While you slowly try to wake up, the warmth you felt on your cheek slowly disappeared.

Disappearing into the void.

It was then replaced by the warmth from your own tears.

You figuratively hit yourself in the head, having to constantly remind yourself that it did not happen.

Oh, but you wish it did. Or it will. 

You feel angry all the time because you are sick. 

Sick of all the terrible things happening in the real world.

None of these things happened in your dream.

You want to escape.

You want to live in your dream forever.

You know exactly the quickest route to escape.

But will you do it?

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams.

I’m Still Here

I haven’t heard from you.

I don’t know how else I could keep in touch with you.

I hate it.

I hate not being able to know how your day went.

I hate not being able to talk to you again.

Did I make a wrong move?

Was I not supposed to say that word?

My chest hurts, yet I can’t make myself cry.

I’m still here…but where are you?

I’m Still Here