Something just fascinates me so much about heights.
Not just the thrill, but also the beauty.
It pumps the adrenaline, yet it calms you down at the same time.
On top of the building, you see things that you can’t see while standing on the ground.
You see a larger view of the world, like you’re standing on top of it.
The wind feels nicer on top, so take a deeper breath.
Don’t fall just now!
No…not yet.
This height is nothing compared to 12,000 feet above the ground.

Yes…let me take you even higher.

From 12,000 feet, the wind is rough and cold.
Yet the view is unbelievably breathtaking. Almost quite literally.
It would be hard to breathe.
You won’t be able to scream.
Now you jump.
Yes…just jump. Throw yourself out of that plane.
Spread your arms and enjoy the view.
The emerald sea and the spherical horizon around you.
So serene, so peaceful, you forget that there are people down there.
Forget the adrenaline, everything is so peaceful and quiet.

Enjoy your free fall.

Where you will land, who knows?


Suddenly missing my skydive experience.


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