Chasing the Wind

I can’t see you.
But I know you’re there.
I can’t touch you.
But I know you exist.

Foolish, I know.
I’m chasing the wind.
Running, and running, with no end.
My consciousness is running low.

I know I can never grasp you.
Yet here I am, running.
Forgetting everything.
Because all I see is you.

I have to keep running.
I have to keep up with you.
Because the moment I stand still,
I am consumed in you.

On the moment I stand still,
I can feel you wrap yourself around me.
Taking me somewhere I should not be.
Somewhere we should not be.

The wind I’m chasing is you.
You’re a warm, gentle breeze.
But the longer I’m wrapped inside you,
The more suffocating it is.

Should I keep chasing you or should I run away?
Should I embrace this feelings or should I throw it away?
Save me because my life is going awry.

Chasing the Wind

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