Memory Lane

The last time I saw your face,
The last time your name escaped my lips,
The last time you crossed my mind,
You were still mine.

Now I see your face,
I call out your name,
I think of you,
But you’re no longer mine.

I gave my heart to you when I knew it was impossible.
I melted in your gentleness and emotions.
I am not allowed to feel it anymore, but oh how I sometimes wish to throw away my sanity just to feel it once again.

All the stories and the songs I could not relate to,
Now I relate to them all too well.
Everything reminds me of you.
Everything reminds me of our story.

My life is not a fairy tale, nor a song.
I don’t deserve the impossible happy ending with you.
So here I am…letting go.

“One man I can never meet. Him, I would like to give my whole heart to.”

– The Lake House, 2006

Memory Lane