Close the Door

Like a gust of wind,
you came to me.
Breaking my guard.
Breaking my walls of protection.


You lift me up,
and spun me around.
I was dazed in love.
I was lost in lust.

You were the cyclone.
The one who caused me ache.
I must be fucked up,
because I was addicted.

You would calm down.
Like a breeze on a summer day.
Soothing my heart.
Tickling my skin.

Then you were a hurricane.
Full of energy.
Leaving me breathless,
yet wanting for more.

Then you would calm down again.
But this time you were slowly drifting away.
I could still feel you tickling against my skin.
But you weren’t there.

Before I knew it,
You were gone.
I couldn’t breathe at first,
because I needed you.

I slowly re-built my walls.
Brick, by brick.
To cover the hole that you left.
I had to do it alone.

No matter how tall I stacked the bricks,
No matter how much bricks I’ve used,
There was still a gaping hole.
The hole only you can fit in.

I want to close the door.
So that you would stay inside with me.
But the door is still open.
Because I still can’t breathe.

Close the Door

Thank You

Thank you for all the confusion.
Thank you for all the doubts.
Thank you for the days I spent, wondering.
Thank you for the nights I spent, panting.

Thank you for making me cry.
Thank you for calling me names.
Thank you for saying that I was worthless.
Thank you for all the arguments.

Thank you for being a coward.
Thank you for not being here.
Thank you for being a jerk.
Thank you for not showing up.

No, really, thank you.

Thank you for making me a stronger person.
Thank you for giving me a fun ride in love.
Thank you for showing me the wrong things.
Thank you for helping me moving on.

I was lost.
I am still lost.
But I was astray.
I am slowly walking back to myself.

So thank you.
Thank you for making it easier for me.


I swear this is not a passive aggressive note.

Thank You