By the Line


Waiting for you,
is like waiting for the train that never arrives.

But the truth is…
I’ve always been waiting for you.

The station has been crowded,
even deserted.

But I have always been here.

People convinced me to leave,
to go back home.
When my feet hurt, I would think I should go home.
But where is home?

I’ve been standing here for so long…I forgot.

I’m still waiting for your train to arrive,
so that I can see your smile.
Smiling only for me.

I’ve seen so many faces,
people had tried to talk to me,
yet…why am I still here?
Waiting patiently by the line.

Sometimes I wonder…
If I jump into the tracks, will you finally come?
So at least I will know, that you would come for me.

By the Line

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