I’ve always thought I would be as strong as a diamond.
Shining bright and undefeated.
Thinking I would shine brighter after every hit.
This isn’t it.

I’m just like a glass.
Empty, translucent, hollow.
I break after one throw.
I was not made to last.

So tell me now,
How do I pick up the pieces after I crumble?


The Tower

The clock is there but the time never ticks.
Not when we are here together.
Just honesty, no tricks.
Feels like we’ve been here forever.

You are the prince and I was only a maiden,
But out of all the princesses you chose me.
“What do you see in me?” I thought back then.
“Just you…everything in you,” you said to me.

Before I knew you, I was defeated.
You rescued me from the wreck that was caused by the hurricane.
You picked me up and made me stand back on my feet,
When I thought I was close to being insane.

You took me to this tower,
a tower built so strong over the years.
You vowed to protect me with all your power,
just so I won’t need to shed another tears.

Never had anyone tried to protect me like you do.
Not only you protect me from the hurricane,
you also protect me from your own beast inside you.
So I don’t feel anymore pain.

Thank you.

The Tower

Love Story


Casually throwing teases at each other,
Never felt like they really matter.
The more I know, the more I smile.
Feelings grew in me, feelings that are worthwhile.

Your teases became my comfort zone,
Your laugh became my favourite tone.
Suddenly you became a part of me,
I thought “Ah, maybe we are meant to be”.

As every tease turns into a kiss,
I’m falling deeper into the abyss.
But in the abyss, there’s you.
You, who smiled back at me too.

When words cannot even explain,
all these feelings that I can’t contain,
I just smile.
Because I know you are worthwhile.

Because the better things in life have to be fought for, right?

Love Story