Scarlet Sparkles

These rainbow sparkles inside me,
The colours change on every second,
Depends on what I feel about me,
Or depends on what has happened.

My best friends can see it,
Red, blue, yellow, purple,
But the spectrum is broader for my lover.
Indigo, emerald, cerulean, even scarlet.

These sparkles don’t hurt.
They are just colours.
Though they may affect me,
They don’t define me.

The cerulean sparkles are sadly beautiful to look at.
The indigo sparkles are when I feel seductively mysterious.
The emerald sparkles are when I feel loved and free.
But the scarlet sparkles are dangerously enchanting.

The scarlet sparkles are the ones that can light up the Fire.
Fierce, passionate, and irresistible.
However, they are also the ones that can light up the fire.
Angry, defensive, and irritable.

The scarlet sparkles are the ones that attract,
but they are also the ones that attack.
They are the ones that pulls you in,
but they are also the ones that pushes you out.

And now the scarlet sparkles are the ones that can be seen.
The ones that attracted my love and the ones that attacked him away.

and I’m sorry.

Scarlet Sparkles


A bouquet of peonies in her hand,
She walks down the aisle,
With the brightest smile,
Following the rhythm of the band.

Her world is filled with peonies and roses,
Unspoken beauty that shines from within,
Not merely showered with a thousand promises,
But sincere acts that come from within.

Holding onto the love in her heart,
She has always been happy from the start,
And she never had to ever part,
Never had to ever feel a broken heart.

I was supposed to be her,
But I got dragged into the mirror.
Filled with fears and horror,
I was no longer her.

I am only a shadow in the mirror.
Cannot be seen, cannot be heard.
Behind this mirror only lies terror.
Cannot be seen, cannot be heard.

I walk with a time bomb clutching my heart,
It clutches so tightly it suffocates me,
But I don’t know how to get it off my heart,
And I don’t know how long until it explodes inside me.

Look down, keep looking down.
Don’t breathe too hard, don’t breathe too deep.

Let me get back to be her again!
Let me hold that bouquet of peonies again!

But a resounding “No, no, no,” comes from the ghost of haunted past.
“Stay here with me,” he said as he ties up my limbs.

I am only a shadow in the mirror.
Cannot be seen, cannot be heard.
What do I have to do to get out of this horror?
When my screams for help cannot be heard…



The silence is real.
Nothing else but the click, click, clicking sound of the spiders inside my head.
And the tick, tick, ticking sound of the clock leading to nowhere.
And the beep, beep, beeping sound of the ambulance far in the distance.

Thor is silently punishing me.
Hitting his hammer furiously on my head.
Each roaring hit takes my mind off nowhere.
Each hit so hard I could no longer hold my stance.

As I lay here in silence,
The Dark Hands are gripping my chest tightly.
Covering my mouth firmly, not letting me scream.
Holding my limbs down, not letting me free.

My vision is blurring,
My lips are trembling,
My hands are shaking,
My heart stopped beating.

And the clock stopped the time.
Everything was dark. Fuzzy. Creeping up on me.
I was consumed by the darkness and I couldn’t be free.
And for a moment…there was no concept of time.

Someone switched on the lights.
The Dark Hands are gone.
Thor left with his hammer.
The spiders stopped the clicks.

I run to the mirror, trying to see.
But the girl on the reflection is not me.
She is blindfolded, banging on the mirror while screaming “HELP ME!!!”
And I, with eyes as dark as the void, dragged her back to reality.