The silence is real.
Nothing else but the click, click, clicking sound of the spiders inside my head.
And the tick, tick, ticking sound of the clock leading to nowhere.
And the beep, beep, beeping sound of the ambulance far in the distance.

Thor is silently punishing me.
Hitting his hammer furiously on my head.
Each roaring hit takes my mind off nowhere.
Each hit so hard I could no longer hold my stance.

As I lay here in silence,
The Dark Hands are gripping my chest tightly.
Covering my mouth firmly, not letting me scream.
Holding my limbs down, not letting me free.

My vision is blurring,
My lips are trembling,
My hands are shaking,
My heart stopped beating.

And the clock stopped the time.
Everything was dark. Fuzzy. Creeping up on me.
I was consumed by the darkness and I couldn’t be free.
And for a moment…there was no concept of time.

Someone switched on the lights.
The Dark Hands are gone.
Thor left with his hammer.
The spiders stopped the clicks.

I run to the mirror, trying to see.
But the girl on the reflection is not me.
She is blindfolded, banging on the mirror while screaming “HELP ME!!!”
And I, with eyes as dark as the void, dragged her back to reality.


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