I never liked how the sun kisses my skin,
And I especially hate sunshowers.
Every kiss of the sun burns my skin,
And every trickle of rain takes away my power.

I never liked sunny days,
But your bright-lit smile makes me love it.
I love your smile because it brightens my day.
And on each bright sunny day, I thought of you.

I learned to love sunshowers.
I imagined your smile as you plant soft kisses on my skin.
On each trickle of rain, I gained more power.
I inhaled and took it all in.

I have always loved rain.
I love the solitude, the calm, the mellowness.
But now the rain reminds me of your pain.
And how I was the one who caused your sadness.

Since I lost you, everyday I open my eyes and the day seems bleak,
I try to walk but my legs are weak.
It rains everyday but then I realise,
that the raindrops are just the tears in my eyes.

And in each tear I silently scream I want you back here.


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