Ocean Calling

So let me tell you a story,
about a siren and a sailor,
separated by the sea,
but tried to fight their way together.

The siren had blue hair,
and the curious sailor couldn’t help but stare,
her skin was not fair,
but the sailor did not care.

The two of them were from different worlds,
yet they did not mind.
All what matters was their exchange of words,
and to show that they were kind.

Against the odds, they were together,
the siren, a playful seductress,
the sailor, an ambitious strong man,
and they thought they were looking at forever.

Sea currents change,
the waves crashed harder.
Situations change,
and they had to be apart from the other.

They both live in the sea,
but even the oceans separate them.
True, they weren’t allowed to see,
but the words of love saved them.

The siren swims, swims, swims,
in the water where no one could see her tears,
and she sings, sings, sings,
sings a happy song so no one could hear her fears.

She misses the sailor so much,
she was longing for his touch.
She loves him too much,
on her whole heart she vouch.

The more she cried, the more she drowned,
deeper into the ocean where it got dark.
But it was impossible for a siren to be drowned,
it was just her world that was turning dark.

Even when the siren and the sailor were in the sea,
they could not see each other.
Finally the siren could see,
maybe they don’t belong together.

So the siren swims away,
feeling every drop of water against her skin.
So that even when the sailor is away,
she can still love herself from within.

So long, my prince who curses like a sailor.

Ocean Calling

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