You were my dreamcatcher.
The sweet dreams I had were no longer.
It all now feels like the longest nightmare.
Full of horror, tears, and scaretale.

“Good night. Sweet dreams.”
I repeated to myself like a spell.
Your last words when you put me to bed, well,
the last night I had a sweet dream.

Being awake is like a walking nightmare.
Because in this nightmare, there’s no you.
I closed my eyes and made a wish, but it did not matter,
because even when I opened them, there’s no you.

Does she make you happier?
Does she light up your heart like a sunny day?
Does she make you feel like you’re the luckiest person?
Because you did.

Tell me how can I sleep when every nerve on my body is yearning for you?

The tears of laughter turned into just tears.
Tears, tears, tears.
Drying up on my pillow.
Painful lump of tears that I have to swallow.

Because every waking moment just reminds me how you’re not here.
Every waking moment I spend by myself.
“Morning,” I say to myself.
Because what morning is good without you here?



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