I’m floating endlessly in the air,
holding a broken piece of glass tightly in my hands.
Looking at the world that doesn’t care,
because the world doesn’t bow to my demands.

I was clinging on to the world,

so I don’t fly away again.
But when everyone told me to let go,
I released and float away again.

I brought a souvenir with me,
a broken piece that reminds me,
that I have loved so hard,
and I have played the same old part.

The sun is shining and it still reminds me of your smile,
the air is plenty up here but I’m suffocating,
it’s okay, I’ll be okay for a while,
until the day this heart stops beating.

A laugh escaped my lips,
but a tear fell from my eyes.
I don’t know why I’m like this,
but you are where my loyalty lies.

Maybe someday I’ll drop this broken piece of glass,
when my hands are too weak to hold.
And I hope this pain won’t last,
because that’s what I was told.

My hair is getting longer,
maybe this time I’ll keep it again.
It’s a wish that sometime later,
we might be able to see each other again.

Until that time,
let me float away,
floating where the wind blows me,
and heal my bleeding hands this way.


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