Clair de Lune

And in this silent night,
let the moon be the witness,
let our love be without fight,
and let us just caress.

I want to make love to the sweet tune,
to the voice that belongs to you,
let our bodies be lit up by the moon,
and when this night ends I still belong to you.

The playful glide of my fingers,
softly exploring my skin,
I close my eyes and it lingers,
oh how I just want to let you in.

The sweet tickle on my lips,
as if yours are ghosting on them,
oh how I want to feel your kiss,
but don’t know when I can feel them.

It’s okay, love,
let me make love to myself tonight.
Feeling the high, my body feels light,
ah, is this how it would feel, love?

Sucking on the supple skin, I knew,
when I open my eyes, there won’t be you,
but it’s okay, I feel new,
yet it still feels like I’m making love to you.

Somewhere under the same moon,
are you making love to me too?

Clair de Lune

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