Love Letter to My Future Lover

Dear my future lover,
Before I say anything, thank you for loving me.
Thank you for sharing this joyful feeling with me.
Thank you for considering that loving me is a choice.
And thank you for wanting to work with me.

I know I’m a lot to work with,
I know it’s not easy to stay with me.
Thank you for being a fighter and a lover.
Thank you for choosing me and not someone else better.

Love me when I’m strong,
love me when I’m weak.
Love me when I do wrong,
love me when I’m at peak.

Love me when I’m red,
love me when I’m blue.
Love me when I’m bad,
love me when I’m good.

Love me when I’m an exploding firework,
love me when I’m a puddle of tears.
Love me for my hard work,
love me for my fears.

Love me when I’m a ball of energy,
love me when I feel so lazy.
Love me when I’m running,
love me when I’m floating.

Love me when I’m sweet,
love me when I’m in heat.
Love me when I’m angry,
love me when I’m teary.

I know, love, it’s hard to love a free soul.
A free soul can’t be chained down onto the earth.
A free soul needs to move, needs to float.
A free soul dies slowly when she is chained.

Love, I hope you’re a free soul, too.
Let’s link our hands together and float away.
Let’s fly together, let’s work together.
Let’s love in our good and bad.
Let’s love when we’re outside and when we’re in bed.

Let’s love for the rest of our lives.

a free soul who will share my love with you.

Love Letter to My Future Lover

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