No alcohol in my system but my heart is burning,
just a soft, gentle warmth from the fire.
No caffeine in my system but my heart is racing,
just a steady pace like a rolling tire.

Just a familiar sensation.

In the silence of the night I could hear everything.
Cars passing, hammers clanking, fan spinning.
People laughing, random knocking, my heart beating.
Well I was still alone, really, if anything.

Just a familiar sensation.

The soft warm blanket wrapped around my body.
Couldn’t even bother to make it tidy.
Staring at the blank ceiling.
Just quietly wishing for something.

Just a familiar sensation.

Winter is approaching and I am waiting,
but winter is coming slowly and it’s cold.
Now, really, what exactly am I waiting?
Probably waiting for the rest of my life, so I’ve been told.

Just a familiar sensation.

Because the nights are getting colder.


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