Post-Assignment Midnight Snack (please excuse my no make-up face)

Post-Assignment Midnight Snack (please excuse my no make-up face)

I have this weird habit of when I’m working on an assignment, I tend to stay in my room a lot (and not taking showers…) and just cook everything I want to. In my post earlier today, I said I was working on my assignment, and I’ve just sent it! What better way to celebrate than having a Post-Assignment Midnight Snack??

I made some Hoddeok (호떡), which are Korean sweet pancakes (well, technically bread, because it uses yeast and had to be risen for an hour) filled with caramel bits, cinnamon, and walnuts. SUPER YUM.

I rarely have midnight snacks, but finishing an assignment is worth the celebration. So what’s your favourite midnight snack?