In this crowded place,
I see so many faces.
I went looking in different places,
but really all I wanted to see is your face.

In this beautiful city,
the wind runs cold and dry.
Neglecting the summer sun,
all I wanted is to have some fun.

Streets and alleys inspired me,
so did Victorian buildings and vintage things.
I was lost in this Paris-like city,
but you were my home, this my heart feels.

A touch of hand saved me from loneliness,
even if I don’t wake up next to you, it is okay.

If there was one thing missing, it was your smile.

But it’s okay, maybe I’ll see you next time.


Living Dead

I feel that we fear death,
and create life for it,
because life is the only way we know of living.

We create that life
so that we know how to live.

Because what happens beyond death,
stays amongst the dead.

And because the thought that one day,
everything turns black with no end,
is more unassuring than thinking that your soul will burn for your sins.

Living Dead

Love Story


Casually throwing teases at each other,
Never felt like they really matter.
The more I know, the more I smile.
Feelings grew in me, feelings that are worthwhile.

Your teases became my comfort zone,
Your laugh became my favourite tone.
Suddenly you became a part of me,
I thought “Ah, maybe we are meant to be”.

As every tease turns into a kiss,
I’m falling deeper into the abyss.
But in the abyss, there’s you.
You, who smiled back at me too.

When words cannot even explain,
all these feelings that I can’t contain,
I just smile.
Because I know you are worthwhile.

Because the better things in life have to be fought for, right?

Love Story


Floating around the ocean of emotions,
I wished that the strong wave would take me back ashore.
To wherever I was before I jumped into the ocean.
But the fact is, I’m still floating here.

I can’t go back.

All I can do is swim ahead and find another land.

I was floating around the ocean.
No safety belts, no life jackets.
Just waves and waves crushing down on me.
Taking me to places and trying to drown me.

The ocean had calmed down and I have seen the land far front.
However, I can also see the upcoming surge of waves ahead.
This time, I have to swim hard and strong, swimming against the waves.
So I can be ashore again.

It was the year I lost myself.
I lost sight of who I was.
I didn’t go through a roller coaster of emotions.
At least, if I was on a roller coaster, I would have my safety belt.
No matter how rough and twisted the tracks were,
I would still be seated safely.


Lady of Fantasy


I’m your lady of fantasy.
I can be everything you need me to be.
Being with me is easy.
Just close your eyes and set yourself free.

I’m your escape from reality.
I can help you form a happy memory.
Being sad is not the way to be.
Just visit me in my land of fantasy.

You’re my only guest here.
In our little soirée,
We only speak the language of the body.
Don’t worry, love, we are free.

Hitched breaths and muffled moans are our currency,
Fast or slow, doesn’t matter what the pace is,
As long as I can dig my fingernails onto your skin,
And whisper how much I love you into your ears.

There, awaits the lady of reality.
She, who said you can’t stay with me.
Please, choose her instead of me.
As I’m only your lady of fantasy.

I will never be your lady of reality.
Even if I want to, you won’t want me to.

Lady of Fantasy

Say Goodbye and Go

I’ve been standing in your field of roses for too long.
I love you and it hurts me but I didn’t mind.
Your thorns were digging onto my skin, holding me down.
Soon I’ll be drowning in my own pool of blood.

I love you, but I’ll say goodbye and go.

Don’t hold me down in your field of roses,
So that you can come and see me when you feel like it,
I’m not a rose, I’m your lover.
Don’t say you love me if you don’t have me by your side.

I love you, but I’ll say goodbye and go.

Don’t keep me in that thorny field in your heart,
So that you can leave me and go back to me,
I’m hurt, but I’m your lover.
Don’t say you love me because you settle for me.

I love you, but I’ll say goodbye and go.

If you really love me then fight for me,
Walk through this field of roses and find me,
Save me from these stabbing thorns so I can be by your side.
Or I’ll leave and keep these wounds forever.

I love you, but I’ll say goodbye and go.

Don’t love me because I can love you like this.
Boy, you don’t get more excuses.
Don’t love me because I’m your last option.
Love me because I make you a better person.

I love you, but I’ll say goodbye and go.
I love you, so I’ll say goodbye and go.
Because I have to stand my ground.

Say Goodbye and Go

By the Line


Waiting for you,
is like waiting for the train that never arrives.

But the truth is…
I’ve always been waiting for you.

The station has been crowded,
even deserted.

But I have always been here.

People convinced me to leave,
to go back home.
When my feet hurt, I would think I should go home.
But where is home?

I’ve been standing here for so long…I forgot.

I’m still waiting for your train to arrive,
so that I can see your smile.
Smiling only for me.

I’ve seen so many faces,
people had tried to talk to me,
yet…why am I still here?
Waiting patiently by the line.

Sometimes I wonder…
If I jump into the tracks, will you finally come?
So at least I will know, that you would come for me.

By the Line