I’m Sorry

These lips have said it a million times,
but they can only hope you ears won’t get tired.
I know sometimes all I can do is apologise,
and pray that your heart won’t get tired.

I’m sorry.
For repeating the same mistakes.
For unintentionally hurting you with my ignorance.
For being so goddamn clueless.

I’m sorry.
For being a lot to handle.
For being so selfish.
For being incompetent in loving you right.

I can’t afford to let you slip away through my fingers again.
Because then the sunshowers were thunderstorms instead.
I will do my best to heal your pain,
and I hope I won’t be the one giving you pain instead.

This is us. This is we. This is ours.

Let me love you right.

I’m Sorry


You know what they say,
anger is a venom you need to spit out.
There’s always a price to pay,
it kills you slowly inside.

I was spitting the venom out,
but the venom spreads and hurts others.

The venom from my own brain,
collected from the wrong thought.
It sprayed out like rain,
pouring onto the drought.

Except that it was dissolving everything like acid.

It has been done,
does not mean that it was not wrong.
I know what I have done,
and I admit I did it wrong.

No apologies can cure you from the venom,
but if it could heal just a little,
I’m sorry.

I’ve been a venomous snake,
and I’ve bit you and spread the venom out.
I’m sorry.

Let me move along in my journey,
so that my brain would clear the venoms from my system.
And I hope that time could heal your pain that I caused.

Thank you, and I’m sorry.