I never liked hot days.
With the sun glaring at my skin,
darkening it at every second,
all I could feel was beads of sweat trickling down my skin.

Then cue sweaty clothes, sticky hair, and increasing consciousness of one’s own body odour.
All I could think of was how awful this hell was.

You pulled my hand and said, “Let’s not take things for granted,”
Today was sunny, but it wasn’t bad.
Was it because of your hand holding mine?

I could feel the sun lightly kissing my skin,
the wind tickling the back of my neck,
and the fresh smell of frangipani relaxing my mind.

I could see the joy in other people’s faces,
I wonder what is making them smile right now,
because I take one look at you and I know my reason.

Today was sunny, but I liked it.

You are my sunshine.


Flower on the Precipice

My steps are heavy,
dragging across the land that is muddy,
soft rain trickles on me,
it bothers but I let it be.

In this seemingly endless wetlands,
no map of some sort in my hands,
just a bottle of water,
and faith that cannot falter.

For the flower on the precipice,
that brings me happiness.
It has a familiar appearance,
but unseen with the eyes.

For the flower that is mine
I just need a sign,

Flower on the Precipice


Hey there, little girl.
You may think you’re not doing well,
and the world is going against you.
Keep holding on,
you will get there.
It won’t be an easy path,
you will have your heart ripped out,
stepped on,
broken into pieces,
to the point you feel numb.
You will learn to fight,
to forgive,
and to let go.
They can forcibly take your flower crown,
but don’t let them take your innocence.



Put your hand on my chest and feel the beats.
Fast. Fast. Fast.
Can you feel it like this?

Watch the clock and time the beats.
Fast. Fast. Fast.
Can you see it like this?

The beats of time are skewed when I’m with you.
One second the sun is rising and next second the moon is shining.
But here I am lying on the bed with you.
Time passes by as if it is never ticking.

As I feel the beats of my heart pacing,
not realising that my lips are curving.
Feeling that tingle as I feel your lips exploring,
that warmth as I feel your touch lingering.

Let the time ticks to its own beats, while we both stay here.

Stay with me, love, because you are mine.
After all, you’re the one who makes my heart beats fast and slow at the same time.

Because the concept of time defies any laws of physics when we’re together.