Post-Exam Madness

Well, hello there, my friends! (You, you know who you are)

So I’ve been pretty much on a hiatus for the past 2 weeks or so and it was due to my exam period. I only had two exams, but since these two will be my last exams in the undergraduate program (cue complaints-about-how-freaking-old-i-feel in 3…2…), I had to make sure I was studying properly. 

This was an old photo when I was stressing out with final assignments, but this photo pretty much represents my condition while studying for exams anyway…

So my exams went pretty well, I’d say. There was this weird feeling of “is-this-how-freedom-feels-like” when I walked out of the last exam. From now on I’ll be doing things such as getting ready to move out, preparing for my graduation, ordering my graduation dress, waiting for my Masters degree offer (fingers crossed I’ll get it!)…

People do different things after they had just finished their final (final) exams, some people have a feast in a good quality restaurant, some people drink until they pass out, some people party hard or go pub crawling…and then there are some people like me. 

Right after my exam, I went straight to my K-pop dance class and jammed like nuts because I’ve been missing the classes for a week to focus on my study. It was the perfect moment that we learned Teen Top’s “Crazy” for the casual class. After the classes were over, John (my dance mentor) said that we should go out today and do some filming on random spots in Brisbane city for our promotional video. Erin, Dayne, Emily, and I were available today so we just decided that we will meet up in the city at 11 am.

While we were talking about our plans on Facebook last night, I just thought of something fun. You see, today was supposed to be a National Pyjamas Day (, so my friend who is a volunteer for the Pyjama Foundation told me about it and I was so keen so I told my friends that we should totally shoot some public k-pop dancing videos in our pyjamas. In the end, only Emily joined me in her disguised pyjamas though. I rocked my hot red penguin pyjamas and bunny ears, dancing K-pop songs in public. 

You can see a bit of my pyjamas (and John’s face) here

Why? Well, because why the hell not.

We were pretty concerned this morning because it rained pretty much the whole night and day today, but we didn’t give up and insisted to continue with our video shooting (it didn’t rain that hard anyway, who are you to rain on my parade!)! I’ll post the video up when we’ve got it edited and good to go 🙂 Dayne helped us with the recording, and then Vitale and Taichi also joined us for some good fun! Oh, and Taichi also wore his sleeping attire, but not as bright as my pyjamas though. 

Honestly, I was worrying a lot when I left my house, but then the longer the time went, the more I went “ah well, whatever”. I noticed a lot of WTF stares from people, there was even this girl who tried to flick my bunny ears when I went to Coles (to buy a bottle of water). Then the sweet Coles cashier girl smiled really brightly and said “Your bunny ears are so cute! And your hair looks awesome!” and that just really made my day. One more reason to love Brisbane: the random comments you get from strangers when you stand out in public.

Good things really do happen when you don’t care what other people think and you just know that you’re having fun with your great friends 🙂 So here’s a snapshot of us today (courtesy of Erin’s camera)

Top row (left-right): Taichi, me, Dayne, Vitale
Bottom row (left-right): Emily, John, Erin

From now on I’ll try to be more active here, you’ll see! Good night!


Post-Exam Madness

VIXX – Hyde MV Review

Sorry for my lack of updates! Exams are coming so I need to study hard. Of course I won’t leave you guys with nothing, so here’s a random video about me “Reviewing” VIXX’s Hyde MV! Enjoy!

(And my camera refuses to focus on me for some reasons…I need to practice more)


My Dreams Saga #2: Choi Siwon was My Husband

I have no idea why I kept having dreams about relationships, but this one is hilarious because it kind of follows my epic photo with Choi Siwon. Image

If you have no idea who he is, he’s one of the members of Super Junior (the K-pop group). I took this photo quite a while ago out of boredom and creativity sparks. Anyways, in my (relatively short but epic) dreams last night, he was my husband. The dream mostly involved normal marriage life during the beginning…and then it changed into Freaky Friday sort of thing.

Yes, in my dreams, because we had a fight, Siwon and I switched bodies (involuntarily, of course). So in the middle part towards the end of the dream, I was in Siwon’s body, and he was in mine. It was an indescribable feeling, but I liked it. He panicked more than I did, I actually quite enjoyed the time I spent in his body, being handsome and rugged and all that. Apparently he didn’t enjoy having boobs. 

Then the journey continued to “trying to get back into our own bodies”. He literally asked everyone how to get back to his own body, until this powerful witch came along and brought us back to normal. Bummer. Then I woke up.

My Dreams Saga #2: Choi Siwon was My Husband

My Random Stupidities #1: Cleaning a Pan

So earlier today I had a dinner with my dear best friend, Inez, and we somehow ended up talking about my random stupidities and how she said I should write it down or record it somehow. It’s quite hard (and embarrassing) to re-do these stupidities, I’ll just write down of the things that had happened. 

This one was probably the starter of it all. So Inez was hanging around in my house one afternoon, and after I made lunch for both of us (I remember it was chicken karaage), I started washing the dishes. Since I used oil to fry the karaage in the pan, I put some water in the pan and boil it so the leftover oil could be easily cleaned afterwards rather than just washing the pan directly.

I knew it would take some time, so I left the pan on the stove and went to my room to watch a video with Inez. We were both so into watching the video that we both completely forgot about the pan. After about 15 minutes, we could hear this noise that sounded like it was raining outside. We both looked outside the window, but it was so bright outside. I felt weird that it could rain in this kind of weather, but I didn’t think about it much and kept watching the video.

Around 10 minutes later, Inez asked me, “Is it really raining outside??” and I just said I don’t know. Then I could see the stove from my room (because I left my bedroom door open) and realised that I still had the stove on. I panicked and ran to check the pan.

The water was gone. 


It was boiling for so long…that the water evaporated completely and made those “rain noises”. 

Never in my life before that I boiled some water until it was all gone. I remember going back to my room and told Inez that the water evaporated completely and she literally fell from my bed and laughed until she cried. 

This is only a start to the series of My Random Stupidities, so stay tuned and watch this space!

My Random Stupidities #1: Cleaning a Pan