I can hear the chains clanking off my back,
my wings are still weak but I still remember how to fly.
I swear I felt like I was about to die,
but now I will fly far and never look back.

The gust of air screams freedom,
and once again, I could be me.
But there is still something that bothers me,
and prevents me from enjoying this freedom.

I want to rip that sweet facade off your face.

Everyone was right, I didn’t belong there,
but I could fly home now.
I wanted to keep my vow,
to be with you I chose to stay there.

But god I was dying.
I floated but the air was still suffocating.

Those sweet, sweet promises,
chained me to the lands of uncertainty.
Those sweet, sweet kisses,
locked me to the heart of improbability.

The pain is still there from the chains,
but I can breathe again now.
I guess I was right,
I had to wait for you to unleash the chains.

I’m no slave, I’m free.
Was that how you wanted to treat me?
Fuck, I guess I was a slave to your love,
oh that’s right, wasn’t that how we began, love?

Funny how our world never was and never will be.
No matter how much I wished for it to be.
Through heaven and hell I went back,
but no, this time I’m not going back.

Let me live in my freedom.
And let me laugh through my red lips.


Say Goodbye and Go

I’ve been standing in your field of roses for too long.
I love you and it hurts me but I didn’t mind.
Your thorns were digging onto my skin, holding me down.
Soon I’ll be drowning in my own pool of blood.

I love you, but I’ll say goodbye and go.

Don’t hold me down in your field of roses,
So that you can come and see me when you feel like it,
I’m not a rose, I’m your lover.
Don’t say you love me if you don’t have me by your side.

I love you, but I’ll say goodbye and go.

Don’t keep me in that thorny field in your heart,
So that you can leave me and go back to me,
I’m hurt, but I’m your lover.
Don’t say you love me because you settle for me.

I love you, but I’ll say goodbye and go.

If you really love me then fight for me,
Walk through this field of roses and find me,
Save me from these stabbing thorns so I can be by your side.
Or I’ll leave and keep these wounds forever.

I love you, but I’ll say goodbye and go.

Don’t love me because I can love you like this.
Boy, you don’t get more excuses.
Don’t love me because I’m your last option.
Love me because I make you a better person.

I love you, but I’ll say goodbye and go.
I love you, so I’ll say goodbye and go.
Because I have to stand my ground.

Say Goodbye and Go