Welcome Home

It was hard to imagine this day back then.
Twenty moons ago, you embarked on your journey to serve your country.
I still remember the tugging ache in my chest as I let you go. 
However, I knew it was something you had to do. 

These last twenty moons were filled with many emotions.
Lots of tears were shed, 
lots of worries were ruminated,
but most importantly lots of gratefulness were felt.

In this day especially, I am thankful. 
You who have been protecting the country,
you are back home, safe and sound.
You are my protector now.

I could not stop my lips from smiling, 
as I hold you gently in my arms this morning.
"Welcome home, my love,"
I whispered softly into your ears.
Welcome Home

My Random Stupidities #1: Cleaning a Pan

So earlier today I had a dinner with my dear best friend, Inez, and we somehow ended up talking about my random stupidities and how she said I should write it down or record it somehow. It’s quite hard (and embarrassing) to re-do these stupidities, I’ll just write down of the things that had happened. 

This one was probably the starter of it all. So Inez was hanging around in my house one afternoon, and after I made lunch for both of us (I remember it was chicken karaage), I started washing the dishes. Since I used oil to fry the karaage in the pan, I put some water in the pan and boil it so the leftover oil could be easily cleaned afterwards rather than just washing the pan directly.

I knew it would take some time, so I left the pan on the stove and went to my room to watch a video with Inez. We were both so into watching the video that we both completely forgot about the pan. After about 15 minutes, we could hear this noise that sounded like it was raining outside. We both looked outside the window, but it was so bright outside. I felt weird that it could rain in this kind of weather, but I didn’t think about it much and kept watching the video.

Around 10 minutes later, Inez asked me, “Is it really raining outside??” and I just said I don’t know. Then I could see the stove from my room (because I left my bedroom door open) and realised that I still had the stove on. I panicked and ran to check the pan.

The water was gone. 


It was boiling for so long…that the water evaporated completely and made those “rain noises”. 

Never in my life before that I boiled some water until it was all gone. I remember going back to my room and told Inez that the water evaporated completely and she literally fell from my bed and laughed until she cried. 

This is only a start to the series of My Random Stupidities, so stay tuned and watch this space!

My Random Stupidities #1: Cleaning a Pan