Hello, Hello

I am fine.
I am not.
This is the best for us.
I don’t want to let you go.
This is to save ourselves from being hurt.
I’d rather get hurt.
I won’t change my principles.
Should I?
I would rather be your friend and stay by your side.
Please call me love once again and hold me tight.
I know we have no future.
Fuck the future, we live in the present.
We can find someone else, right?
But I want you.
I am strong enough to move on.
I can’t…I really can’t.
This is not a goodbye, this is for a better future.
Goodbye to those lovely days.
This is not the end.
Have you ever felt like you have had enough, and you just want to end everything?
You can be my best friend.
Fuck, I still love you.
We have been living in a fantasy.
I would do anything to make those fantasies come true.
We live in a real world.
Take me away and let’s build our own utopia.
This is better than losing you forever.
But I want to love you.
I can stand on my own two feet.
Not really.
I can be strong.
But I’m not.
No one belongs to anybody.
But you were mine.
I don’t belong to anyone else but myself.
But I was yours.
I adore you as a friend.
No, I still love you.
I don’t want to lose you.
I don’t want to lose you.


Hello, Hello

A•byss (əˈbɪs) – n. a deep, immeasurable space or cavity; vast chasm.

I’ve been living my life walking on a thin thread between love and logic,
Constantly trying to balance myself just so I won’t fall.
I can only try to stand tall,
and avoid the life trap that is tragic.

The balancing rod I am holding,
is something I call ‘friend’.
They help me to get a grip of where I am standing,
keeping my stand so I won’t bend.

I once almost fell to the pit of love,
hanging hopelessly on the thin thread with one hand, holding the balancing rod on the other.
I gripped my balancing rod tightly, trying to climb up above,
I pushed myself so that I was hanging no further.

Re-adjusting my balance, I walked forward.
Through the mist of uncertainty,
to get to the future of the unknown.

I’m slipping slowly to the pit of logic,
to the heartlessness that is so toxic.
Slowly becoming a machine,
surely becoming a heartless queen.

I once almost fell to the pit of joyous foolishness,
I’m slipping slowly to the pit of mechanical sanctuary.

Along this thin thread I’m walking on,
Even though I’m avoiding the pits of love and logic,
I am already in the abyss.
Should I be safe or should I be a fool?

A•byss (əˈbɪs) – n. a deep, immeasurable space or cavity; vast chasm.