Memory Room

I’ve always thought memories are funny,
I forget but I remember.
Sometimes I feel like a dummy,
but sometimes I feel better.

In this small memory room,
there’s us.
Letting our feelings bloom,
it’s just us.

You fill my memory room like no other.
Even if everything else floods out,
I don’t even want to bother.
Because you free me from the drought.

Forever, if you may.
Because this memory room can only fit us.

Memory Room


Small, small fragments.
Kept tidy, hidden away.
Just small segments.
Of happiness without dismay.

True, memories may vanish.
But it all depends on me.
Happiness don’t just perish.
How forgetful I may be.

Hate is a strong word I can’t use,
even when my feelings diffuse.
I hope we can call it truce,
after all you’re always my muse.

Because the good memories stay and the bad ones go.



You said you can’t have me,
All of me.
I wanted you to have me,
All of me.
Like I was longing to have you,
All of you.
But I can never have you,
All of you.

I can only have something else,
A piece of you.
The memories that I can keep for the rest of my life,
Because I can’t have all of you.
It doesn’t hurt me because they are good memories,
That we were real.
I hold on to the dream that if life was different,
We would be together.
I just want you to have something small,
A piece of me.
The memories that you can keep for the rest of your life,
Because you can’t have all of me.
Something that you can look at and remember all the good memories of us,
That we were real.

Memories that would make you smile instead of cry.

I want you to have a piece of me,
To carry along with your journey,
So you can remember the sweet things,
And remember our feelings.

All I want is to keep a piece of you,
To carry on with my journey,
So I can be reminded how much I was loved,
And how much I could be in love.

The gray jacket that hugs around my body warmly and perfectly, just like how I imagine you would.