Mirror Cracks

In between the cracks of the mirror I look at myself,
the shattered pieces make me look incomplete.
I touch it, carefully not to hurt myself,
but obviously, this broken mirror is obsolete.

What’s the use of looking at a broken mirror?
The broken reflection is not me.

“Stop touching it, the shattered pieces will hurt you.”

I hit the mirror with my fists.
The pieces fall, shattering and crumbling onto the floor.
They glint beautifully like sparkles.
And now what’s left is an open door.

My hands are bleeding from the shards,
but now I can replace it with a new mirror.

So I can stop seeing myself on a broken mirror,
and start seeing who I really am.

Let the broken mirror be replaced with a shiny new one,
so in the reflection I will be the only one.

and in the reflection I can see myself that I know.

Mirror Cracks


A bouquet of peonies in her hand,
She walks down the aisle,
With the brightest smile,
Following the rhythm of the band.

Her world is filled with peonies and roses,
Unspoken beauty that shines from within,
Not merely showered with a thousand promises,
But sincere acts that come from within.

Holding onto the love in her heart,
She has always been happy from the start,
And she never had to ever part,
Never had to ever feel a broken heart.

I was supposed to be her,
But I got dragged into the mirror.
Filled with fears and horror,
I was no longer her.

I am only a shadow in the mirror.
Cannot be seen, cannot be heard.
Behind this mirror only lies terror.
Cannot be seen, cannot be heard.

I walk with a time bomb clutching my heart,
It clutches so tightly it suffocates me,
But I don’t know how to get it off my heart,
And I don’t know how long until it explodes inside me.

Look down, keep looking down.
Don’t breathe too hard, don’t breathe too deep.

Let me get back to be her again!
Let me hold that bouquet of peonies again!

But a resounding “No, no, no,” comes from the ghost of haunted past.
“Stay here with me,” he said as he ties up my limbs.

I am only a shadow in the mirror.
Cannot be seen, cannot be heard.
What do I have to do to get out of this horror?
When my screams for help cannot be heard…