I never liked how the sun kisses my skin,
And I especially hate sunshowers.
Every kiss of the sun burns my skin,
And every trickle of rain takes away my power.

I never liked sunny days,
But your bright-lit smile makes me love it.
I love your smile because it brightens my day.
And on each bright sunny day, I thought of you.

I learned to love sunshowers.
I imagined your smile as you plant soft kisses on my skin.
On each trickle of rain, I gained more power.
I inhaled and took it all in.

I have always loved rain.
I love the solitude, the calm, the mellowness.
But now the rain reminds me of your pain.
And how I was the one who caused your sadness.

Since I lost you, everyday I open my eyes and the day seems bleak,
I try to walk but my legs are weak.
It rains everyday but then I realise,
that the raindrops are just the tears in my eyes.

And in each tear I silently scream I want you back here.


Sol Monsoon

The day we first met.
The day I noticed you.

The first time we went out.
The day I saw colourful flowers, brighter than ever.

The second time we went out.
The day I felt sparks in my heart.

The day it rained.
The day we shared an umbrella.

The beautiful sunny day.
The day it stormed inside my heart.

I’m waiting for our La, Ti, and Do.
For the crescendo towards our dolce climax.

Sol Monsoon

Walking in the Rain

I love walking alone under the rain.
The smell of raindrops combined with the smell of grass.
The droplets dripping from the edges of my umbrella.
The nice fresh air that I can breathe in.

I love the solitude.

None of the depression,
none of the sadness.

Just pure solitude.

I love how I can appreciate melodies of the songs playing through my earphones differently.
I love how I can look at people’s faces, half-covered by the umbrella.

Like a classic painting.
Like a beautiful photograph.

So many things can happen when it rains.
I wish, maybe someday, I can stop walking in the rain, just to see your face beneath your umbrella.
I wish, maybe another day, we can share an umbrella, and walk in the rain,

Walking in the Rain