Perfection, flawless, impeccable.
Unrealistic and unattainable.

Mistakes and flaws.
Gripping my heart like claws.

Until when will I punish myself?

This perfection obsession,
hazed my reflection.

Is the mirror dirty or is my brain cloudy?

The more I avoid making mistakes,
the more I make mistakes.

What do I do after the mistakes are made?

Acknowledge and learn.
I’m perfection in my imperfection.


Lady of Fantasy


I’m your lady of fantasy.
I can be everything you need me to be.
Being with me is easy.
Just close your eyes and set yourself free.

I’m your escape from reality.
I can help you form a happy memory.
Being sad is not the way to be.
Just visit me in my land of fantasy.

You’re my only guest here.
In our little soirée,
We only speak the language of the body.
Don’t worry, love, we are free.

Hitched breaths and muffled moans are our currency,
Fast or slow, doesn’t matter what the pace is,
As long as I can dig my fingernails onto your skin,
And whisper how much I love you into your ears.

There, awaits the lady of reality.
She, who said you can’t stay with me.
Please, choose her instead of me.
As I’m only your lady of fantasy.

I will never be your lady of reality.
Even if I want to, you won’t want me to.

Lady of Fantasy


It’s 7.00 am and I’m lying wide awake on my bed.
He had just left.
Leaving me in the silence.
It stings my ears, hurts my brain.
The ceiling is closing down on me.
My breaths were uneven, unsteady.
I’m laying still, but my head is turning around.
A pair on invisible hands ripped my clothes off.
Clenching my heart tightly until it bursts.
From the peripherals, I could see the sun sets already.
How long have I stayed here, between life and death?

It’s 7.01 am and I’m lying wide awake on my bed.
Did I sleep or didn’t I?