I was looking out the balcony,
and there you were, serenading.

Your voice was truly captivating,
even when you were running around and hopping.
I could feel my smile forming,
hoping that you would be noticing.

And then you did.

In that brief moment our eyes caught,
the world stopped and belonged to us.
The connection like a love knot,
that was only shared by both of us.

Little did I know I stole your lines,
but you, sir, you stole my heart.

Quirky, sneaky smile.


My Song

I have a voice to sing,
but no one is there to hear me.
Echoing back into my ears,
I sing to no one but me.

You have a voice to sing,
everyone is there to hear you.
Reaching out to my ears,
I stayed and listened to you.

I sing, sing, sing,
until my throat screams in pain.
But no one is listening.

I no longer have a voice to sing,
but there you are, singing my song.
You are my song.

My Song