The word “thankful” helps in every situations.
Good or bad.
There is always something to be thanked for.
For few people. And for some other people.

The good.
I’m thankful for the oddest chance to come across you.
I’m thankful for the opportunities to repetitively fix what has been damaged at times.
I’m thankful for the shared moments, spoken and unspoken.
I’m thankful for the patience that grew inside you to keep on dealing with me.
I’m thankful for the laughs and tears that we have shared.
I’m thankful for the things I have learned from you to improve myself.
I’m thankful that you were born.

The bad.
I’m thankful for the learning opportunity to cut toxic people like you off my life.
I’m thankful for the eye-opening chance to see who you truly are.
I’m thankful for the quick run, so I don’t have to heal for too long.
I’m thankful for the pain that I can recover from.
I’m thankful for the stupid things you say for my entertainment.
I’m thankful for the spot that you left for better people in my life.
I’m thankful that you left.

So thank you.
You know who you are, because I know.


Thank You

Thank you for all the confusion.
Thank you for all the doubts.
Thank you for the days I spent, wondering.
Thank you for the nights I spent, panting.

Thank you for making me cry.
Thank you for calling me names.
Thank you for saying that I was worthless.
Thank you for all the arguments.

Thank you for being a coward.
Thank you for not being here.
Thank you for being a jerk.
Thank you for not showing up.

No, really, thank you.

Thank you for making me a stronger person.
Thank you for giving me a fun ride in love.
Thank you for showing me the wrong things.
Thank you for helping me moving on.

I was lost.
I am still lost.
But I was astray.
I am slowly walking back to myself.

So thank you.
Thank you for making it easier for me.


I swear this is not a passive aggressive note.

Thank You