Put your hand on my chest and feel the beats.
Fast. Fast. Fast.
Can you feel it like this?

Watch the clock and time the beats.
Fast. Fast. Fast.
Can you see it like this?

The beats of time are skewed when I’m with you.
One second the sun is rising and next second the moon is shining.
But here I am lying on the bed with you.
Time passes by as if it is never ticking.

As I feel the beats of my heart pacing,
not realising that my lips are curving.
Feeling that tingle as I feel your lips exploring,
that warmth as I feel your touch lingering.

Let the time ticks to its own beats, while we both stay here.

Stay with me, love, because you are mine.
After all, you’re the one who makes my heart beats fast and slow at the same time.

Because the concept of time defies any laws of physics when we’re together.


My World

I’m facing the world of my own reality.
The world with my fears, joys, and fantasy.
You are the only one I see.
I wanted you to come with me.

But you see,
In the present reality,
We are really,
Like fire and wind.

You are my fire,
lights up my heart and warms up my soul.
I’m the wind,
floating around and flying free.

When the wind blows gently, it can put out the small fire.
But the wind can also make the fire bigger.
But with just the right amount of pressure,
we should be able to work together.

But the wind cannot stop moving to dock,
because I have nothing to hold on my fingers.
I wish you were here so we could stop the clock,
because the time is slipping off my fingers.

When did our discussions turn into arguments?
When did our playful teases turn into scars?
When did our pleasure turn into torment?
When did our love got lost in between the stars?

I’m floating endlessly in the air, wondering,
what happened to us, darling?

In that small gift box are all the memories of us,
so sometimes I can sit down and cherish us.
It’s okay, I’m walking slowly now,
But I won’t erase you, that’s my vow.
My world is mine and is only through my eyes.

My World

The End

And as the story goes,
all things must come to an end.

Stories, journeys, relationships, life…
all things must come to an end.

The end is inevitable,
the end is definite.

There is an end, so we don’t take things for granted.

If you know your life won’t come to an end,
would you still live everyday like it’s your last?

When you know something is going to end,
would you just give up?
Or would you fully enjoy it, savouring each moment, so that when it ends, there will be no regrets?

You read a book, an amazing story,
knowing that after a few chapters, it will end.
You would enjoy it more, savouring each moment.

You go to a concert of your favourite band,
knowing that after a few hours, it will end.
You would enjoy it more, savouring each moment.

You fall in love with someone,
knowing that you can’t be together forever, it will end.
Why can’t you enjoy it more, savouring each moment?

You are alive,
knowing that in a few more years, you will die in the end.
Have you already understood what it means to be fully alive?

The future is unknown.
The end is definite.
You are in the moment, the present.

Cherish every moment,
Seek every happiness,
Live in the moment.

If there is no end, how would you know what it feels to be fully alive?

The End