Teach Me How to Love

Love is unexplainable, yet everyone insists that it exists.

Love is untouchable, yet people say it is real.

I’m not talking about a mother’s eternal love for her child,

I’m talking about the bond between two human beings as partners.

I don’t know how it feels, as simple as that.

I need someone to appear in my life to show me that it is real.

Love makes you all giggly and happy, yet it tears your heart and soul apart at the same time.

…or so they say.

Why would anyone sacrifice themselves for such complex feelings?

Love is different from friendship.

…why do they differ?

Friendship is something that lasts forever, it’s something beautiful.

It makes you all giggly and happy, yet it does not tear your heart and soul apart at the same time.

Why would people choose love over friendship?

Why aren’t people in love with their friends?

Love is foreign for my logic.

And until the day someone can prove me otherwise, I still can’t accept this.

With my logic, I’m a fool who can’t understand love.

I’m no better than those fools in love.

I’m no less than those who understand love.

I have a brain that I know how to use properly,

I have a heart, yet I don’t know how to utilise it.

I’ve been looking for someone to help me understand love.

I found none.

If you would help me, that would be much appreciated, my friend.

I know that once I understand love,

I will never let it go.

So teach me how to love,

and I will forever be yours.


Flower on the Precipice

My steps are heavy,
dragging across the land that is muddy,
soft rain trickles on me,
it bothers but I let it be.

In this seemingly endless wetlands,
no map of some sort in my hands,
just a bottle of water,
and faith that cannot falter.

For the flower on the precipice,
that brings me happiness.
It has a familiar appearance,
but unseen with the eyes.

For the flower that is mine
I just need a sign,

Her Eyes

She worked a job with no past experience,
no university degrees to help her excel,
devoting her life to raise good people,
trying to make just a little difference.

She’s a human being with flaws,
but she’s only doing her best.
She always says she is blessed,
because she has me as her cause.

We agree on some things,
about people and spreading kindness.
We disagree on many things,
about the world and about ourselves.

Emotions are hard to keep,
even though we try hard to ignore.
In silence she did not weep,
but the weight of pain in her eyes she bore.

In her flaws she is still perfection,
as no one could have done her job better than her.
She guided me in to the right direction,
even though I end up in a different place from her.

In her eyes there was still disappointment,
not of me, but of herself.
Despite her flaws, she did nothing wrong,
and there are no reasons for me to be gone.

She is weeping silently through her eyes,
but I only pray to God, someday please bring back her smile.

Even if the rest of my life is an atonement
for breaking her heart.


Hey there, little girl.
You may think you’re not doing well,
and the world is going against you.
Keep holding on,
you will get there.
It won’t be an easy path,
you will have your heart ripped out,
stepped on,
broken into pieces,
to the point you feel numb.
You will learn to fight,
to forgive,
and to let go.
They can forcibly take your flower crown,
but don’t let them take your innocence.


Nothing says love more than
simply being there
for someone who is crying their insecurities out on the floor
at 3 A.M.
bearing their pain
that is silence broken by the sound of their tears
knowing that this won’t be their last breakdown
and you choose to stay.
attraction brings you in,
but love makes you stay


A quarter century passed in a blink of an eye.
Laughter, sweat, and tears became impossible to count.
But even with the uncountable arguments, heartbreaks, and tearful nights,
I have received even more blessings, joy, and love.

Because from birth, the greatest gift I have ever received is love.